I’m Karen and I’m a travel & commercial photographer in Manchester. I live in a town called Ramsbottom, in a house with views of the hills and a cellar of broken home-brewing dreams. I’ve been a photographer for 12 years and can’t think of a better way to fund my obsession with food and wine.


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As you can see from all the blue skies and sandy beaches on my website, I shoot lot of travel and package holiday photos, which I love (although I rebel for my own family holidays by going on glamping road trips around Europe). My four-year-old daughter Amy used to come on the travel shoots with me and is the “token child” in the brochures – if I ever needed a kid in the shot, I’d plonk Amy in!

My biggest client is Jet2, who I used to work for as Head of Photography I was hired to “sort out the photography” and in my four years there I created (and ran) the photography department, with a team of in-house photographers, a network of freelancers throughout Europe, and a huge image database. Jet2 is now the second biggest tour operator in the UK – an achievement of which I’m incredibly proud to have been a part. I left the company as I wanted to step down from a management role and back behind the camera where I’m happiest.

As well as jetting around various sunny destinations, I also do commercial photography for businesses that want to inject some creativity and personality into their brands. I’ve done everything from photographing haulage trucks to tiny jewellery product shots. In fact one of my favourite shoots was for a jewellery designer in Liverpool, who knew what his brand was all about, but needed someone to come in and show that in the photos. I spent a day faffing with beautiful jewellery and making his brand come to life. I love that I can be creative and work with such interesting people to show off their brands. My clients want a photographer who “gets” them – someone who is on the same wavelength and who can come in and make their vision a reality, with my own little twist.

My work has been featured in the BBC, Guardian and more in flight magazines than you shake a tub of factor 50 at. The best moment of my career though was the first time I saw my image on a billboard!

In my spare time I’d love to be out on long walks with my dog, but I’m not allowed one. My four-year-old has spoken – she doesn’t want her playing to be interrupted by having to look after a dog! When I’m not begging my daughter to let me get a dog, I’m down at the allotment pulling weeds and failing at planting anything but potatoes. I’m addicted to custard, I’m obsessed with geeky things (especially things that seem to be incredibly boring to other people), and my favourite word is bollocks.

Feel free to check out my work – and once you’ve been inspired to book a two-week all-inclusive holiday to Spain next summer, get in touch and let me know how we can work together to create brilliant photos for your business. 

Here are links to some of my fave people so you can check out the brands behind the photos.

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